Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hellshock - Only The Dead Know The End Of War (2004)


"Hellshock is a Crust Punk band from Portland, Oregon that was formed in 2000. They combine a brand of “Dark” Crust Punk with Hardcore Punk, and Thrash Metal. Lyrically, the band writes almost exclusively about war. The five-piece has ex-members of Remains of the Day, Atrocious Madness, From Ashes Rise, and Detestation. The band is still active today."

I remember the first time listening to Hellshock I was expecting some generic sounding crust band but then the guitar instantly kicked in and I was just like HOLY FUCK SHIT THIS IS BADASS and my mind has been blown ever since. Being comprised of important ex-members in the crust scene not to mention being from Portland, Hellshock lays down the fucking sound like it's no one's business. That dirty, disgusting, and all out nasty sound that arises from stenchcore is the epitome  of what Hellshock is trying to capture. Just all out skull-crushing guitar riffs and vocals to rattle your bones that'll have your you clenching your teeth and banging your hair getting you back into crust all over again.

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