Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Withdrawal - Unknown Misery (2009)


"WITHDRAWAL are a hardcore band from parts all over North America.They play a frenzied combination of metalic-thrash and hardcore punk, though conciously side-stepping the trappings of the genre. Lyrically, they are characterized by cold, depressing self-analysis and anti-religious sentiment. Interesting of note, they are also aligned with the quasi-religious group “Holy Terror” with Integrity, Gehenna, The Banner and Rot In Hell.After a series of demos they released a debut 5 song 7” record entitled “Unknown Misery” on the Wendigo Records label. This was followed by a North American tour with Creatures and Downpresser.In 2010, Withdrawal announced that their next release would be a split 10” record with fellow holy terrorsts Rot In Hell. It was to be released on the Escapist Records label, though has been shelved due to line up shifts.May 2010 saw the band touring the west coast of the US with Crucified, including a stop at Rainfest in Tacoma, Washington. Canadian tours followed the rest of the year with Soujourner, Crucified, Shai Hulud and a stop at the Vancouver Island Hardcore Festival.In early 2011 the band split time between Private Ear studios and their own studio to record a new 7” record entitled “Faith, Flesh & Blood”

I saw Withdrawal awhile back along with Lionheart, Hundreth, and Counterparts open for Shai Hulud and I was really fucking surprised at how awesome they were. I noticed the lead frontman was wearing a Candlemass shirt and I instantly fell in love. Usually when you think of openers you think, "Yeah, not as good as the main act" but boy was I wrong because they were JUST as good as Shai Hulud and blew the rest of the openers out of the wild. Being apart of the Holy Terror collective, Withdrawal are no strangers to hardcore. Just all out crazy shredding guitar riffs, devastating drums (without a doubt my favorite trait about the band) and dual vocals to really get the band really fucking amped. I can't wait for them to come back up to Winnipeg. Who knows? My wishlist: to see Withdrawal touring with Integrity and Rot In Hell.

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