Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Schifosi - Ill Winds From Outopia (2003)


"Schifosi from Melbourne, Victoria, started in 2001 with Tim, Bart, Kate and Tristan; an amalgamation of bands and friends in Melbourne. A year later they got Jacquie on second guitar.Schifosi can be described as down tuned heavy punk/metal/crust. They have released 3 seven inches; one of them a split, 1 LP (available on CD) and have another full length album out at the end of October 2006. They toured the U.S in 2005 and New Zealand in 2006.In the spring of 2008, Schifosi finally broke up, playing their last show ever at Such is Life Fest. One more recording is to be released."

Ah FUCK! It JUST seems like these guys have gotten together. Well, RIP Schifosi, you will be missed. :/ Now onto their music. Scifosi are a female fronted neocrust band with a very heavy and almost d-beatish style of playing. Straying away from the traditional crust in Melbourne, Schifosi started to get darker and darker and more melodic in their music and have delivered some wonderful music. Melbourne's crust scene at it's finest! Fans of bands like Worst Case Scenario, Unquiet, and Unkind will also enjoy these guys.

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