Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jakal - Kick The Debris (2010)


"London based 5-piece Jakal play a feral mash-up of punk, ska, reggae and dub. Conscious lyrics, skanking beats and dirty riffs usually keep things pretty sweaty. And flabby.Our first CD was a 5 track EP titled NATION INFECTION which was released back in 2003. The second release in 2006 is a 2 track single - UTOPIA. Both were self-released and are now out of print. Utopia will be released again on an up and coming Tuneless Records compilation. More info to come.Due to various changes to our line-up over the years there has been some rather patchy and inconsistent spells. However in 2009, with a batch of new songs and a firm and solid 5-piece line-up, we’ve self-released our 12-track album COMMUNITY (available at gigs or message us), and will be recording in the new year.This year we’ve been able to play some amazing shows for Climate Camp, No Sweat and No Borders. Also for Pus Promos, Skawash and Reknaw, Rotten Luck, Toxic Punks, Dirty Ska Punk, Your Mum Promotions, Mudkiss and Beerbelly Promotions, who continue to put on consistently quality shows…relentlessly!Over the years we’ve played shows with some amazing bands, including The Business, Leftover Crack, UK Subs, Headjam, The King Blues, The Filaments, Against All Authority, New York Relix, 5 Knuckle, Citizen Fish, Inner Terrestials, PAIN, Dead Pets, The Foamers, The Restarts, Moral Dilemma…and are always looking to play as many as possible, so get in contact!"

The UK have been long been influenced by ska since the '80s with the 2-tone wave by bands most noticeable such as The Specials and Madness. Ska has been recollecting itself long after and heavily participated in the third wave scene with such bands as Capdown, Random Hand, and King Prawn. Jakal doesn't fall far from this tree; at all. One thing that separates Jakal from most third wave ska bands is that they combine a lot more reggae influence along with some heavy dub, dominant walking bass lines, and a kick ass melodica to spruce things up a bit. Some of their earlier EPs are rather harsh, almost crack rock steady-ish, but I think Jakal really set the bar for this one. It's fresh, it's clean, and it's fun. The first track, All Over London, will have you instantly hooked and tapping your foot and begging for more. It's really great to hear the transition from singing into shouting on this album, especially being backed by female vocals. I would say Jakal is a mix between Capdown and Save Ferris; they can be angry and loud when they want to but also very light and poppy. I have been personally sent photos to go along with the band so take a look. Jakal are also into DIY ethics and encourage you to download the rest of their catalog here.

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