Saturday, February 5, 2011

Detestation - The Agony Of Living (1997)


"An American anarcho-punk/crust band with female vocals from Portland, OR."

Alright so let me fill you in a little bit about Detestation since this is a fucking lame description thanks to our generous pals of Detestation brings that familiar female fronted anarcho-punk vibe to the front that is very similar to Nausea and Contravene. Their lyrics are very misanthropic and apocalyptic dealing with such content such as genocide, fascism, capitalism, and just being a burden to society. The guitar riffs are very thrashy and heavily distorted which make for a fun listening experience. If you want to check out some traditional crust this would be an ideal album for you. There's plenty of material out there by Detestation so be sure to pick the rest up.

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