Monday, February 7, 2011

Rot In Hell - As Pearls Before Swine (2011)


"Metallic Hardcore from the UK."

Rot In Hell are back with another power-packed full-length album entitled As Pearls Before Swine. Signed to Deathwish Inc., Rot In Hell have developed a powerful following behind their one-of-a-kind metallic hardcore that focuses on the whole "holy terror" aspect of hardcore. For those of you who don't know, Holy Terror is the name of Integrity's distro and bands signed to the label are considered to be apart of the "holy terror scene" who emphasize on bringing back the metal in metalcore. This band takes hardcore by the balls and throws in a nice blend of crusty and thrashy guitar riffs to really fuck with your mind. This is without a doubt one of the most promising releases of the year so far.


  1. Hi man!!! I'm the administrator of!!! thnx for your compliments,I'm glad to know who you love my work!!! SO, if you want copy my link, do it!!! We must support the music we love in any possible way!!

    P.S. The Amebix layout is fuckin hot!!! You GREAT!!! (sorry for my bad bad english)

    hope to hear you soon
    cheers from Italy


  2. Hey Lou! I'll be happy to do that and you'll do the same?!?! I love hardcore and anything with edge because it speaks to me! Thank you for the comments too. :3

    Thanks! I had a friend crop No Sanctuary and what not so I'm pretty proud of it. Glad you appreciate it. :3 Have a good one Luca. Will be expecting a lot more out of your blog.

    Have a good one!


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