Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bloodkitt - Obscene Planet (2010)

From last.fm:

"The members of Bloodkitt (literally “blood concrete” in german) have been making music together and solo since childhood. This is their expression of the darkest, ugliest, most masochistic (and sadomasochistic) side of their psyches. Raised on dark, heavy obscure music, horror movies, and other mental scar tissue. Middle fingers raised high to the local scene which emphasizes only what is fashionable at the time."

Seeing as how this is a pretty obscure as fuck band, it took me a little bit of searching to do and I've successfully got my hands on this album! Bloodkitt are a down tempo as fuck, heavy as nails, and down right dirty sludge band with some heavily distorted sounds to the point where it's nothing but noise. It's as if Corrupted corrupted just fucked Khanate while giving a blowjob to The Locust. If you're looking for something noisy to check out this would be the way to go.

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