Thursday, February 10, 2011

Seven Sisters Of Sleep - Self Titled (2011)


"Seven Sisters of Sleep from Orange County, California formed from the shards of Tafkata, Spring Break and The Arm And Sword Of A Bastard God. They released their self titled album in early 2011 with A389 records."

From their BRAND-SPANKING NEW RELEASE, Seven Sisters Of Sleep drops the ball on A389 records with a fucking hammering release. Combining both elements of hardcore and sludge, Seven Sisters Of Sleep make for a killer new band with tons and tons of potential. Being in previous doom and sludge bands such as Tafkata and The Arm And Sword Of A Bastard God, these guys are no strangers to the extreme side of metal. Just imagine taking Mammoth Grinder, throwing in some Mother Of Mercy, and toping them off with some Eyehategod. BAM! Thus Seven Sisters Of Sleep were born. I'm hoping to hell that this is the band that'll really launch their careers and push them into stardom. Good luck guys!


  1. hehe nice.

  2. Good job , I m a fan of shemales and I hope u ll delivery us more posts


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