Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mammoth Grinder / Hatred Surge - Split (2011)

From Cyclopean Records:

"Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control there has been a hold up at the pressing plant, and the Mammoth Grinder/Hatred Surge split is delayed another 2 weeks. We're very sorry for the delay and to make it up to everyone that pre-ordered, we will put an extra gift in every package. They will be mailed by February 14th, and the remainder of the press (400 on black vinyl) will be available on this day as well, thank you for your patience"

For those of you have been keeping tabs on my website, this is my first split upload so sorry if this format  doesn't suite you! This album consists one have crunchy that is Mammoth Grinder and the other is a chewy Hatred Surge. When I first listened to Mammoth Grinder's side I instantly fell in love. I've noticed people have been labeling them as sludge and I didn't really understand until now. Without a doubt one of their heaviest releases yet. Everything is clean, familiar but different riffs to go along with growled lyrics, and overall heavy as all fuck. I really hope that they're going to release another album this year because if this is the kind of material they're going to be cranking out I'm fucking down. Now, onto Hatred Surge's side. For those of you who don't know, Faiza (female vocalist) DID leave HS to start her own band called Mindless. As for this side of the split there isn't anything negative to say much about it. They did leave out a lot mostly all of the credentials that would specify them as powerviolence and moved onto a more grindcore-esque sound but it's GOOD grindcore nonetheless! Overall, this split is fucking wonderful and I thank Cyclopean Records for putting out such an album consisting some of my favorite bands in todays music.

No one uploaded Hatred Surge's side yet. :( But enjoy this one!


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