Monday, February 28, 2011

Deathwish Inc on Deafheaven's latest album Roads To Judah

So I got this earlier in my email today...

Hey man, can you do me a favor, and take down your offer to email people a link
to the new Deafheaven record?

The band's not really stoked about a leaked unmixed and unmastered version of
the record floating around, and while I know I can't stop the internet, maybe I
can ask nicely, and you'll take down the offer to send people this record?


Tre McCarthy
Deathwish Inc.
59 Park Street
Second Floor
Beverly, MA 01915 USA

To prevent further confrontation with Deathwish Inc or getting the corporate assholes involved at the RIAA, I have decided to take down the leak to the Deafheaven. I will however, NOT take down the actual review seeing as how I put all the time and effort into it. I did get a reply saying that the preorder was up today along with a download so it's a matter of time before the mastered version is floating around out there. 

To the members of Deafheaven: I think you should be proud of what you've put out. Sure, it may be unmastered, but if that many people are willing to pirate it then you KNOW you did something right. I myself thought the album was brilliant and unique from the typical black metal bands out there regardless of its quality. If I were you I'd just let it go but that's not going to happen. I did plan on updating my my upload with a mastered version if that changes anything...

So yep. There you have it folks. Don't point the finger at Deathwish Inc because they mainly just distribute the album and merchandise. I can't really blame Deafheaven for not wanting an unmastered version out on the internet. People can mistaken it for it being the full release, be upset with the mastering of the album, and instantly look down upon it.

It's out there somewhere if you're curious... Maybe mediafire? Who knows.

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