Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lords Of Light - Energy (2007)


"LOL is a jazz/grind/fusion/pop/jam band from/at/in Portland, Oregon, United States Of America, North America."

Wow oh wow. Is it a coincidence that their abbreviation is LOL because that's what I feel like doing when listening to Lords Of Light. I fucking love grindcore because they're one of those genres that really incorporate a lot of different influences get very experimental with it. Lords Of Light particular takes a lot of grindcore mixed with pop and jazz with some hardcore and jam influences. Just imagine Grateful Dead meets John Zorn meets Red Hot Chili Peppers meets Insect Warfare. Just straight up weird and unusual stuff. Fans off grindcore looking for some experimental and off the wall will really enjoy this album.


  1. It's the Wormrot guy from ages ago on /mu/, awesome blog you have going here! Really digging this LOL stuff. You need more readership, man!

  2. Hey dude! Unfortunately, do to my memory being complete shit I don't really remember who you are. :> Maybe we were talking about their new album? Lords Of Light is some pretty original stuff huh? It's just all out strange and it was hard for me to come up with some tags but I think these are appropriate. I want to get my blog out there some more but without a way to spam other people's blogs and shit. Maybe it'll just grow over time? Who knows. Thanks for the comment!


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