Friday, February 25, 2011

Jordan Delap - Hang The Bankers (2011)


"Jordan Delap is a singer-songwriter from Jersey Channel Island. He also occasionally dabbles in some poetry. His songs and poems cover both personal and political subject matters.He is also singer-songwriter and guitarist for the band Clockwork Sodomy which features Ben McCarthy on bass guitar, Harry Gilbertson on Guitar and Mikey Phillips on drums.Check out my stuff It’s acousticky ska punk sorta stuff."

Straight from the heart of Jersey comes Jordan Delap, just a guy and his guitar with a message to get across through acoustic means. This is Jordan's first solo release, also playing in both Clockwork Sodomy (alternative punk/metal band) and John Magic Skulls (punk rock band). More info on his bands can be found on his blogspot here. To hear any acoustic music incorporating ska hooks really melts my heart because I've always been a fan of ska. His lyrical content touches topics such as anti-Capitalism, anti-war, and changing for a better tomorrow. From what I can hear, there's a lot of crack rock steady (Leftover Crack more than less) and a ska punk sound (The King Blues). Jordan also writes some beautifully written, heart-felt poems which can be found on his profile. This album delivers warm melodies and perfectly executed acoustic work that'll have you thinking about the current state of where you live and how you can improve it and yourself for a brighter future.

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