Monday, February 14, 2011

Aguirre - Calavire (2009)


"There are atleast two bands, past and present, known as Aguirre:Present:A sludge/crust band from Bordeaux, France. Recently they relased a full length “Calvaire” through BlindDate Records."

I have to start this off by saying fans of Morne and Agrimonia should DEFINITELY pick this album up. It's very reminiscent of both bands in term of combining very melodic sounding crust with heavy atmospheric sludge influences. The raw presence that Aguirre emits is a strong one and will have you instantly warped into their music. What I love most about Aguirre is that they're from France. If you know anything about France the screamo scene is very big over there so Aguirre has acquired some of that sound to it. Just think of Celeste when listening to these guys only with a Morne twist to it. Don't take this album for granted because it'll be sure to blow you away!

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