Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wretched of the Earth - Demo (2012)

From last.fm:

".anti-colonial d-beat hardcore from Portland.
Sean - bass/vocals
Angel - guitar/vocals
Sina - guitar/vocals
Dana Montana - drums

watch us at: 

Portland, OR is known for having some kick ass crust bands like Hellshock, From Ashes Rise, and Remains of the Day. Wretched of the Earth are no exception. One of my favorite releases so far this year, Wretched of the Earth combine everything you love about crust.

Power Concedes Nothing Without Revolution, the first track on the demo, has a very Fall of Efrafaish vibe from the beginning to the last only to be complemented with some natural d-beat. You'll notice their use of dual guitars early on, shredding everything in it's path almost as if they're battling each other to defend the d-beat arch. At times, the vocals are very clean cut but still growled, being able to shout "OCCUPY EVERYTHING!!!" at the top of your lungs. Back and forth back and forth they go from vocals to instrumentals, building up the song for maximum overkill. The fifth song, the self titled song, Wretched of the Earth, is mostly an instrumental track that throws in some traditional marching band-esque drumming style and dark sludgy riffs which sounds like it's preparing for the end of it all. Their last song on the demo, For Gender Self-Determination, starts off with a very endearing build up, with cymbals to follow. The dualing guitars are back and going at it even harder with more aggression and more passion. They don't skip a beat and make use of all their vocalists, the female one being more present than ever. The demo ends with an impressive guitar solo, yet again displaying their talent and ability to do what they want.

This is a MUST for anybody who likes anything melodic, d-beat, or metallic in their crust.

Buy the album digitally here:

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