Friday, January 14, 2011

Congress - The Legacy (2006)


"Congress was a Belgian hardcore band formed in 1993, recognized as a leader of the h8000 scene.They introduced a musical style known as “Edgemetal”, a combination of the straight edge/drug-free lifestyle and death metal music.Their most acclaimed and known record is certainly Angry with the Sun, released in 1998, which allowed them to tour in the US with bands like All Out War.Since their debut, Congress are signed on Goodlife Recordings, along with labelmates Liar or Deformity (also from the h8000 scene).The band eventually split in late 2006."

This is the fucking side of metalcore that I love to see. Congress are known to be the pioneers of h8000, the hardcore/metalcore scene that was growing fast over in Belgium (h8000 is the area code for Flanders).  When a bunch of straight edge kids are tired of what's going on in the media and today's music they get together and create some powerful lyrics and bone-crushing riffs and Congress did just that. I just fucking love how raw and gritty it sounds. They really pushed the envelope in the hardcore scene and inspired a whole wave of straight edger punks. Every time I talk about old school hardcore I ALWAYS give props to Congress because they were definitive in the hardcore scene. I was very skeptical at first listening to them because I was like "ew, metalcore" but once I actually started listening to it I realized it was more than just breakdowns and some trend dominated by scenesters. The Legacy is a mini compilation which includes tracks from Euridium, The Other Cheek, their split with Mindsnare and a few unreleased tracks. I highly recommend this album to anyone and everyone. I don't care if you dislike metalcore, hate straight edge, or what; get this fucking album now.   


  1. Congress one of my fave bands! saw them in 2000 in Belgium!!! was amazing!

  2. Really haha? That's AWESOME! I love this album mainly because it's a mini discography and includes some of the best work on it. How were they anyways?


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