Monday, January 17, 2011

Take Sides - Last Transmission (2004)


"we are take sides, and we are a ska band. we aren’t a hardcore band really, only sometimes. sorry if we confuse you with our stunning good looks. we like to play ska shows only to be disliked for not being ska enough. we like to play hardcore shows only to be disliked for not being dumb enough. we like it when people skank, but we only like hardcore dancing if the kids actually want to have fun and don’t think they have to act like tough guys. we probably will join your xcrewx if you ask, as long as you only wear ball shorts and luv2mawsh. we luv2mawsh!!!

but aside from all the funny business and dinkin’ around, we just want everyone to have fun and not be concerned about a scene or their place in it. we want everyone to enjoy our music, but we won’t make an extra effort to impress anyone, unless you ask or pay us in diamonds and emeralds. take sides has been a band for nearly 3 years, but there was definetly more before that, though that is history, and the misled youth will always be the greatest band to grace the earth. we have embarked upon one full east coast tour and one mini tour. we have written and recorded a full length (Last Transmission - 2004), a 4 song EP (Gentlemen don’t ask, and Ladies won’t tell - 2006), and we are currently working on our next EP(due around fall ‘06?)."

Take Sides bring that familiar ska sound and mix it up with some hardcore punk influences with and throw in a brass section that makes it power-packed, energetic, and overall fun. These guys sound like they enjoy what they do and I applaud them for that. 

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