Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Church Of Misery - Houses Of The Unholy (2009)


"Church of Misery (チャーチ・オブ・ミザリ) is a japanese doom metal band with a specific extra-groovy sound that is often described as “stoner doom” but the band tends to snub this term saying “We hate trend. We hate corporate attitude. We hate the word ‘stoner’. Death to false stoners!! Let there be DOOM!!” (citation from the Master of Brutality album cover artwork notes).Band was formed in 1996 in Tokyo by bassist Tatsu Mikami (ex-Salem) and guitarist Tomohiro Nishimura, line-up was completed with singer Nobukazu Chow and drummer Hideki Shimizu. Band’s raw and groovy style of doom metal rooted in 70s heavy rock with psychedelic feel and their notable lyrics mostly based on the famous serial killers’ characters soon founded out the way into the hearts of the underground metal fans all over the world even though the band didn’t play anywhere outside Japan until 2005. Band recorded first album entitled “Volume 1” at their live performance in Tokyo in 1996 for the DOOM RECORDS planning to release it in 1997 but the record company cancelled it fooling people who pre-ordered this album, and then released it as a rare unofficial bootleg. Next 1998 year three songs by Church Of Misery appeared on “Doomsday Recitation” compilation, soon this was followed by “Born Too Late” - the split record with canadian bands HEAVY which included Saint Vitus’ War Is Our Destiny song cover version."

All hail the second coming of fucking BLACK SABBATH!!!!!!!! ... but Japanese style! Goddamn who can't get enough of Church Of Misery?!?!?! One of the few doom metal/stoner metal bands out there that pack a punch and really get down to how the style of music should sound. Playing in the vein of Black Sabbath are hard shoes to fit in but this band executes it perfectly. Seriously, you call yourself a Sabbath fan and you never listened to Church Of Misery? You don't know SHIT about doom metal and it's predecessors. Their long, drawn-out, bluesy riffs and overall psychedelic feel to their music really seperates CoM from all other doom/stoner bands. Play this one for your dad and he'll start reminiscing for old days all the times he tripped on acid. I know every band out there tries to imitate the early proto-doom bands but Church Of Misery are the best fucking band out there to this date to do it. I don't care about your Electric Wizard or Acid King or Boris. THIS IS THE ALBUM TO GET!

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