Monday, January 24, 2011

Betercöre - Youth Crust Discography!! (2003)


"Betercore existed as a youthcrustcore band, who started in Amsterdam, from 1997 until the winter of 2003.Betercore-core:Reinco Minogue: VocalsBeterkid: GuitarsWouter: BassguitarGeert-Jan: Guitars/DrumsBetercore-corecrew:Billi: Vocals (2000-2003)Sanne: Vocals (2003-2004)Rogier: Drums (2001)John: Drums (1998-2000)"

Without a doubt one of my favorite powerviolence bands, Betercore bring a very innovative way to play powerviolence with a cutting edge crust as fuck style. The chord progressions are random enough to be deemed powerviolence (not to mention their ways of poking fun of the media and TV shows, subcultures, and leftist ideas) and the vocals are sometimes growled, similar to crust and just thrashy as hell. I also love the very lo-fi sounding of their releases. There's just something about Betercore that is different from most powerviolence bands. Maybe it's because they're from Amsterdam? Who knows. If you're looking for some original material pick this discography up today!

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