Monday, January 31, 2011

Sons of Tonatiuh - Self Titled (2010)


"Sons of Tonatiuh is a Crust/Sludge band from Atlanta GA. The band was formed in the year 2008 and is made up of members from bands like Leechmilk, Fell A Victim, and Noble Rust. In the two years the band has been together they have pumped out three releases. One single, a demo, and finally in the year 2010 a full length self titled album. The band is currently doing a lot of live shows/touring and working hard.More info can be found at the bands Myspace:"

was reading up a bit on the band and was noticing that it got very high ratings throughout different reviews and I had to give this a listen. Sons Of Tonatiuh aren't your typical doom metal band. Sure, their main focus may be that but they incorporate a lot of heavy sludge riffs and very crust-like vocals. The overall feeling for this album is a heavy one played in a dark downtempo that has your occasionally solo or two. I wouldn't necessarily call this band crust because they don't display much of the attributes besides the vocals but if you know anything about sludge it takes a lot of hints from crust. What's surprising about SOT is that one track maybe be very slow throughout the song and eventually the gutiarist just rips into a heavy as fuck riff that just melts your face away  Be prepared when listening to this album because your mind will be blown.


  1. Fuckin' love these guys. You know the vocalist is actually the vocalist that was in Leechmilk?

  2. Really? That's news to me. o.o I can definitely now relate the two. Now I'm really forward to what they have in the future. Thanks for the info!


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