Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Lows - Harvest Of The Carcass (2011)


"Formed in late 2006, New Lows are one of Boston’s heaviest hardcore/punk bands and feature members of Think I Care, So Be It, The Prowl, Riff Raff, and more. Taking their direction from classics of the genre like Poison Idea, Ringworm, and early Madball, New Lows delve deep into their depths only to pull to the surface the darkest of creative visions."

This is my first 2011 album upload and it deserves all the credit. News Lows are a very hard, devistating, face-paced, hardcore punk band and are notably known to tour with bands such as Ceremony, Have Heart, and Blacklisted so you know this is some serious shit right here. Seeing as how they've only formed a few years ago, they've gain a lot of attention and it's awesome to see them putting out a full-length CD. I expect much more from this band from the future and hopefully they'll be around for years to put out awesome albums like this one.


  1. hi Ryan
    thanx for your comment on my blog :>
    I've added yours to my link list
    cheers ;>

  2. Much appreciated. Thanks so much. I've added yours too.


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