Sunday, January 2, 2011

Morne - Untold Wait (2009)


"Morne was a concept that began with many trials and tribulations. The band was founded by Milosz Gassan in 2005, and while there were many interested individuals in making the project happen, only one lineup had the dedication and passion to make the band a reality. In 2007, Milosz was joined by Max Furst (bass) and Kevin Adams (drums) and it was here where Morne began to create and develop the band’s distinct sound heard today. After just a few months of rehearsal, the band entered a studio to record their first demo. As time went on, the songs continued to further shape and evolve. In the following summer of 2008, Morne was joined by Jeff Hayward right before the band’s first formal studio recording session for a split 12” with the UK band Warprayer."

Morne are one of those hidden gems that you come across once every blue moon. Yes, there is a bunch of "chuga chuga chuga" going on, but what gets me going are the apocalyptic lyrics and the crust sound they bring to the table. Not to mention how metallic it sounds, they remind me of a very more atmospheric version of Axegrinder which I adore greatly. Morne has been noted to site bands lie Buried Inside and Neurosis for the influence in their music and you can defiantly see the similarities. 

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