Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No Cash - Run Your Pockets (2003)

From last.fm:

"No Cash were a political riot ska-core band that burst into the late nineties scene with cutting riffs and lyrics that spoke of injustice and hate across the globe. Their songs are anthems to many revolutionary and impoverished teenagers everywhere and often compared to Leftover Crack, Choking Victim and INDK .No Cash Has sold over 1,000 copies of their only album and are continuing to gain popularity.As of early 2005, they have broken up.Brief history:No Cash was founded in Nazareth, PA. They recorded a split CD with New York based band Team Spider. Their debut solo album, Run Your Pockets, sold well. Due to differences within the band, they broke up in 2005. Their music continues to sell today and No Cash has developed a devoted group of fans . They have said a reunion show is impossible. None the less, their music will continue to speak volumes to teenagers living in hostile environments."

For those of you who are going to dismiss this album mainly because it's ska or crack rock steady related PLEASE DON'T! I've put off uploading this album to this blog for a long time now but I've been listening to it a lot and it's completely changed my life so I feel a need to put it up. No Cash's Run Your Pocket is their first and last full length album but it's all you need from them. They deliver clean as fuck three chord riffs, sample the Goonies, and can relate to personal matters. I remember the first time listening to Knowledge Is Power a few years. I was failing in school and I didn't know what to do. It felt like everything was falling beneath my feet and I couldn't do anything about it. Something needed to change and this song changed me. "Discipline, conformity, walk in single file down a dead end street, if this isn't taking me where I need to be, FUCK EDUCATION, at least my mind is free" and thus I had freed myself from the hell I was in. Another song that spoke to me was Homelife Is A Drag because at the time I was in a very bad situation at home and there wasn't really a way for me to leave but this song pulled me through. As lame as this sounds I'm so thankful for No Cash because they have made me do a complete 360 in life and really opened up my eyes. I'm forever indebted to them and this will always be my favorite album of all time and one of the most influential bands on my music taste to date.

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  1. Was excited to see No Cash on here. Grew up with this band in Nazareth. They were sick live. Chris Tray (vocals) has his own alt-hiphop group now called Mad Conductor. I highly recommend it. It's all over the place.

    P.S. - love the blog.


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