Sunday, January 23, 2011

Zegota - Movement In Music (1999)


"Zegota is an anarchist hardcore punk band originally from Greensboro, North Carolina, formed around 1996-1997. The name alludes to Żegota (the polish word for ‘unity’), or The Council to Aid the Jews, a Catholic group from Poland, which saved the lives of many European Jews during the Holocaust. Their albums have been released on a diverse list of labels, such as CrimethInc, Stonehenge and Amor y Lucha. They have released 4 (5, including the demo) records this far, they are:- A demo tape (199?)- Movement in the Music LP/CD (1999)- Namaste CD (2001)- Reclaim! LP/CD (2004)- Self-Titled 7” (2005)The members are currently engaged in lots of things which have nothing to do with playing music, but they are planning on beginning work on another album in 2007. The band is currently based in Stockholm, Sweden, and Greensboro, North Carolina, and Durham."

As you can tell, Zegota are one of those "I don't know what the fuck to call them" bands. I swear on EVERY one of their albums they sound completely different. On this album, Zegota plays a very heavy version of hardcore with very uh... how would you say "random" (which was why I threw in chaotic hardcore as a tag) chord progressions and lyrical changes (the vocalist reminds me of Zack De La Rocha a bit when he was in Inside Out) that just makes you want to get out there and do something about society. I'm into their second album right now, Namaste, and as I type this and there's a hell of a lot of post-rock influence along with a post-hardcore/screamo vibe. A few of their tracks on Namase are pretty lengthy and consist of the band just jamming out. I found Zegota through Crimethinc and so far I'm loving every minute of them. Their lyrics are all around dark, depressing, and just nihilisticm which is nothing I wouldn't except from a Crimethinc band. I highly suggest picking up their entire discography and getting a feel for them yourself. Hell, I'll probably upload their other albums here in a bit so stay be on the look out for more Zegota.

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