Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Drown In Blood - Blood Red Path (2005)


"Drown in blood was a band from Hamburg, Germany. Music they created was heavily influenced by Bolt Thrower old Swedish death metal and stench core bands like Deviated Instinct. Also the band was formed by members of Instinct of survival, so some similarities can be found between those bands. Specially on the crust side of things. They have released an LP called Blood Red Path on label called Institut Für Mentale Hygiene and split around 2007. "

Drown In Blood are one of those bands that you just have to consider whether or not they're crusties or guys who just love to play old school death metal. Either way, this shit is fucking awesome. Their gritty, dirty riffs are beautiful mastered only to be backed up by some insane vocals and that give it a real crust feel. This album will have you trembling in your boots for hours as you intake the raw power that is Drown In Blood. The blast beats are inserted correctly and make for an overall punishing sound. Fans of both metallic sounding crust and death metal should consider this album because I'll knock you off your feet.

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