Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Polkaholix - The Great Polka Swindle (2007)

From last.fm:

"Founded in 2001 in Berlin, Germany, Polkaholix reinvents Polka with their gritty vocals and sound, modern along with the traditional instruments, and a sense of humor.After 300 concerts in 5 years, the POLKAHOLIX are red-hot (but not literally). Their new CD “TheGreat Polka Swindle” was recorded in the notorious Hansa Studios in Berlin, home to such famouspolka-enthusiasts as David Bowie and Iggy Pop. Inspired by the polkatasticresults, 54 DJs in 16 countries voted this, their second CD, into thethe World Music Chart Europe top 20 (divided by 4.3). This globalformula has also been adopted in their homeland - the band is now RUTHnominatedfor 2008 (RUTH is the German world music prize, and is notaverse to a quick polka herself). Just as well as the music critics, whichhave marked the new POLKAHOLIX CD with the PREIS DERDEUTSCHEN SCHALLPLATTENKRITIK (German record critics’ award). POLKAHOLIX are on amission of polka. Is the Mission Accomplished? We believe so."

Put on your polka-doted trousers, pour another drink in your mug, and bust our your accordian because it's time to POLKA POLKA POLKA! Polkaholix are a very energetic one-of-a-kind polka band hailing from Berlin, Germany. Despite their facts being in German, you can still have hell of a good time listening to them.Their old school punk rock sound with ska-infused polka really speaks to the Celtic community and captures the hearts of those who indulge in the rich culture. I could defiantly see Polkaholix being a staple for punk polka everywhere. So everybody pick up this album and lets POLKA POLKA POLKA!

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