Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Black September - The Forbidden Gates Beyond (2010)


"Formed in the fall of 2006, BLACK SEPTEMBER is a female fronted metal group hailing from Chicago. Containing ex-members of Thin the Herd and Kung Fu Rick, the group combines influences ranging from AMON AMARTH to BOLT THROWER with the raw intensity of HIS HERO IS GONE. "

Well, I defiantly don't want to compare them to that shitty fucking Amon Amarth but the HHIG and BT part is pretty correct. Black September brings a hard as all fuck sound to the blackened crust scene with mixes of death metal not to mention female vocals which are just skull-crushing. They sound like Gallhammer but a very more thrashy sounding version with more clear sounds. If you're a fan of stuff like Dishammer and Wolvhammer, you'll be in love with this these guys. Check it.

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