Thursday, January 27, 2011

Słowa We Krwi - Teraz (2004)


"Anarchopunkowa group of Bialystok DeCentrum associated with squat.Words In Blood, there between 7 lat. Muzyka played by the band is a skillful combination of speed, not devoid of melodic hardcore punk party with powerful female vocals. Important role in the work of Words In Blood plays an uncompromising message. Their lyrics criticizing capitalism, the cult of consumption, the passivity of the majority of the population and encourage the active transformation of the surrounding reality.In early 2004, Poison released on cassette wave first material Words In Blood, entitled "Now." This release was very well received, like many band concerts throughout the country. Passing from the pulsating buzz of fast, furious punk toast to the atmospheric, guitar playing."

Another great anarcho-punk crust band hailing from the Poland. The vocalist's voice really digs into your membrane by having such an unforgettable voice and by shouting all the vocals. The overall style is relatively fast and in some cases melodic. Similar to bands like DELICJE, Prawo Do Jazdy, and Silna Wola.  I'm going to continue digging deeper into the Polish scene looking for more anarcho-punk bands so stay tuned for more!

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