Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Consecration - Aux (2008)

From last.fm:

"Consecration were formed in Belgrade, Serbia in 2000. Over the years the line-up has frequently been in a state of change, ranging all the way from three to six members before finally stabilizing in form of a four-piece band.The band spent six years in making of their debut album aux (7 tracks, 50 minutes). Dissatisfied with the lack of interest by local labels, the band decided to put both aux and live album entitled live 2nd april 2008 (containing five completely new tracks) for free download on 13th May 2008. This action caused the emergence of many great reviews from both foreign and local critics.Consecration’s music is a matter of constant evolution. While on aux one can hear influences such as Opeth, Katatonia, Anathema, Slowdive or Neurosis, the band’s sonic horizons were already widened on the live album, spreading over sounds and signals which are influenced by artists such as Isis, Fennesz, Monolake, Autechre, King Crimson, Tool, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Sigur Rós.Consecration’s main strength lies in their live performances and the huge amount of energy that’s thus delivered. The band pushed this even further while recording their sophomore album .avi, utilizing the old “one, two, three, rec!” method in order to capture that live spirit on tape as much as possible."

The minute I put this on the instrumentals kick in and the first thing I can say is "Neurosis... It sounds like Neurosis." After re-checking my statement to see if I was accurate enough I went on last.fm and read their biography and noticed all their influences and found myself pleased with what I said. For an album taking six years to make it definitely lives up to it's name. I'm really surprised though that they didn't have anyone interested in it until they threw it up online for free download. It's as if I'm listening to a more progressive sounding Godflesh without all the industrial crap going on in the back. The vocals are clear but sometimes very heavy and growled in the background which really changes the mood and which is why I fucking love this album. The instrumentals are just phenomenal and really give you a Neurosis meets Godflesh meets Godspeed You! Black Emperor vibe. If you're looking to expand your brain and get away from the contemporary music pick this up today. And be on a look out for their follow up album!

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