Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pedals On Our Pirate Ships - Take Flight (2008)


"Pedals On Our Pirate Ships is the “solo” acoustic act of Matt Seymour, former Attackula frontman. However, vocal, electric, percussion, and other acoustic elements are also integrated into his music to give it an almost folk background sound. These elements are provided from various associates of Matt Seymour such as Avail, Landmines, and Liza Kate. The lyrical content is a fairly diversified collection of Matt Seymours stories and experiences with friends in his former home, Richmond, Virginia.Tired of seeing his real name on flyers, Matt Seymour created the name Pedals On Our Pirate Ships. Pedals On Our Pirate Ships is an appropriate name as the music is a voyage that Matt Seymour embarked on with his bike-riding friends that live a pirate-esque lifestyle."

I'm pleased to throw up another great release by the great Pedals On Our Pirate Ships entitled Take Flight. I was poking a few buddies of mine on about this album and one of them finally decided to purchase it. Thanks for that! Now, onto their music. What I love most about POOPS (haha just noticed their abbreviation) is Matt Seymour's distinct voice. There is just a really raw, emotional sound to it that I can relate to. Words can't describe how I feel about his voice. I just fucking love this band and everything they've put out. It's light, poppy, and fun to listen to. It really gets you in a great mood and makes you come back for more. Not as great as their self titled album but still a nice one to add to your collection!

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