Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Orange Light - Demo (2011)

From last.fm:

"Orange light is a solo acoustic project from Vienna, Austria, Europe.Simple acoustic guitar melodies are mixed together with shouting and peaceful and true lyrics.The aim of my music is not to have any profit or anything like that, but to share the music, my interests and my thoughts with other persons,or simply for enjoyment."

Alright so check it. I got this demo sent to me a little while back from a dude over in Austria who is a fan of my blog and wanted to promote his acoustic outfit called Orange Light. I have been bugging him for awhile now asking him to make an album cover so I can properly throw it up and FINALLY he sent me one.  The sound is a bit harsh but there are lyrics provided so you can follow along and to my surprise they're quite good. Dealing with such topics as peace, liberation, and anti-authoritarian, he is no stranger to the folk punk scene. Just one man, one guitar, and one heart as big as his view on the world. Be sure to email him here and give him your feedback! 

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