Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Heart On My Sleeve - Blood Is Not Thicker Than Wine (2011)


"Heart On My Sleeve are a new started Screamo band from Stockholm, Sweden, with former members of Followed by 37 seconds of happiness & The Hope & The Failure.And you can definatly hear the sound from their former bands!"

So I was browsing around the internet in dire need of some new bands to download and I came across Heart On My Sleeve. What's most inspiring about Heart On My Sleeve is that being in a music scene heavily dominated by death metal on the metal side and d-beat ruling the punk side, the band has overcome both obstacles and formed one incredible screamo band. I'm a sucker for female vocals and to have female screamo vocalist just adds to the band ten fold. For some reason they just remind me of screamo-influenced Gather and that's a good thing! Because who the fuck doesn't like them?! Another aspect of Heart On My Sleeve that I really dig is the guitar work. It's very melodic and clean to say the least. If I didn't know any better they could have almost passed off as playing post-rock if their build ups were a bit more longer. The lyrics are very emotional at times and will have you on the edge of your seat feeling drained.  All in all, Blood Is Not Thicker Than Wine is one of those must have screamo albums for any fan of the genre. Don't let this album go un noticed!

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