Friday, February 11, 2011

Infekcja - Przegrani (2003)


"Infekcja is an anarcho crust band from Poland. Formed in ‘91 under the name Krwawa Uryna Jana Pawla II (Bloody Urine Pope John Paul II) and quickly changed that awful name. Recorded their 1st demo in ‘94 and released too many records till then. And one important thing about the band: they don’t give interviews. Influenced by bands like; Rattus, Dropdead, Hiatus, Homomilitia, Amebix, Doom, Nausea, G-ANX, they mostly sing about personal struggles in that 7”."

MMMMMMMMMMMM YESS!!! Another fucking face-paced polish anarcho-punk crust band. Similar to brethren within the genre and area of the world such as Silna Wolna, Slowa We Krwi, and Prawo Do Jazdy, Infekcja are no strangers to bringing the noise to the forefront of the table. Just tons and tons of very d-beatish/thrashy riffs, distinct growled and screamed lyrics, and overall wonderful composition. 

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