Friday, February 11, 2011

Ёк Макарёк - Кому-то Наваляли (2010)


"Jok-makarjok (Russian “Ёк-макарёк”) - russian folk punk band."

Ёк Макарёк, also pronounced Ek Makarek, are a folk rock/folk punk band hailing for the Motherland. Taking newer punk and rock elements and combining them with traditional instruments such as cellos, mandolin, violins, accordions, and wind pipes, they have managed to whip up a very soothing sound. The overall feeling when listening to this is a very calming one with all the melodies and very soft sounding instruments. It'll definitely give you a "feel right at home" vibe. Who would of thought something this beautiful exists? Never change, Russia. 

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