Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Me And Him Call It Us - Loss (2005)

From last.fm:

"Me and Him Call It Us was a mathcore band from Atlanta, GA.The band’s first release was “The (C:) Drive Of Love Stories”, an 18-minute CD-R which was composed of short, brutal songs and gloomy ambient interludes. MAHCIU’s sophomore release, “Loss” has more of an emotional/straightforward side with stressed screams and harsh lyrics.In late April of 2007 the band’s second to last release, a split CD-R/7” with The Blue Letter, was released on Guevara Ent. This marked the first time that a band not from California was put out by this label.On June 17, 2007, Aaron (drums) of mahciu posted a blog about the status of the band, as nothing had been heard from them for sometime. In the blog Aaron says that me and him has officially broken up citing differences with longtime friend and guitarist Blake.Mannequin Rein will release their final recordings on April 9, 2008 (a year after the band broke up, to the date). It will only be put out on 7” vinyl and will feature 3 brand new songs, “Greener Grass”, “The Worst Part” & “Sincerity is Hard to Come by These Days”, where the band experiments with darker & doomier sounds.Almost defining the sense of aural discomfiture this collage of an emotional pit is beyond the term ‘melee’. No-one knows what it is, but they call it Us.“All of us are growing up, and this is how we choose to express ourselves.” - mahciu"

Me And Him Call It Us are just one crazy ass band. When I was first listening to their stuff, I was checking out the album The C Drive Of Love Stories and it was a bit too ambient sounding for my liking. It had some hard moments but it just was too soft for my tastes. When I got into Loss my mind was fucking blown away. It was really mathy and incorporated a few breakdowns in a good way. The screaming and growling was just all over the fucking place and just very chaotic. There isn't much structure to this band besides emotional as fuck lyrics. So when you see the tag experimental on these guys literally think experimental; just guys fucking with heavy distortion and wah pedals just screaming their fucking lungs out. 

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