Sunday, May 1, 2011

Summon The Crows - One More For The Gallows (2011)


"Crust with black metal influences from Oslo, Norway."

Yep. I'm late to the party YET AGAIN with releases. Whatever. It's not like Toxic Breed has this album thrown up on their blog so it's not like I fucking care anyways. I was checking out Southern Lord's distro and actually discovered this. I didn't really know they were going to put out on album actually but I'm glad they did because this world lacks more Summon The Crows. Fuck crusties, fuck occult black metal, fuck thrashtards. Summon The Crows seem to combine all three of these elements in this album (crust, black metal, and thrash obviously what I was referring to) to combine an original blend, especially for being located in Norway. I was reading a few comments on and a few people were comparing them to Slayer. Okay, don't EVER compare this band to Slayer EVER. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE! That's just a fucking insult to Summon The Crows. Okay, they may have a few Slayer-esque riffs but other than that there's nothing that joins the two together. I mean the thrashy riffs are what makes up a good bit of this band but what really had me were the vocals and underlying bass. It's not everyday you get a break through bass line that defines a band but I think Summon The Crow have found a nice balance of what makes a blackened crust band what it is. I keep wanting to type Storm The Crows for some reason. It's probably because I keep thinking of Stormcrow. Anyways, I'm really digging this album a lot. With newer devastating crust bands such as Nuclear Death Terror, Contagium, Parasytic, and Axewield, I think this album will fit right into the style nicely. Definitely one of my favorite crust albums so far this year.

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