Sunday, May 1, 2011

Baptists - Self Titled (2011)


"Furious hardcore band Vancouver, Canada on Southern Lord"

First off, don't confuse this Baptists with the OTHER hardcore band Baptists from Norwich, UK. Both of them have insane amounts of potential but I prefer this band a hell of a lot more. Oh and yeah, I'm late to the party picking up this album but deal with it fuckers. It seems that Southern Lord is trying to push out the whole crust influenced metallic hardcore punk thing with such bands as Black Breath and Masakari. I'm not AGAINST this or anything but it's definitely a different turning point in both crust and hardcore scenes as hardcore is becoming more metallicized than it is punk. I've talked to some purists and they obviously dislike the whole metalcore thing meanwhile people such as myself do enjoy this style a lot more. It's whatever though. You like what you like. Anyways, being signed to the prestigious record label that they are, Baptists kick it fucking hard with their crusty hardcore in vein of bands like Nails, All Pigs Must Die, and Black Breath. I guess you could call it dark hardcore but I fucking hate that term for some unexplained reason.  With the crazy ass random mathy riffs and vocal style, one could also compare this band to the stylings of Converge and most notably, Cursed. Not only that but they also have a very blackened and sludgy sound to them I can't put my finger on. It's just fucking HEAVY not to mention they have parts where the vocals are cut out and you're just left with a wall-shattering riff like in the song Farmed. Baptists are a great addition to this new hardcore that's rising and I can't wait to hear more from them. Apparently they're working on a full-length album as well which I'm fucking ECSTATIC to hear hopefully sooner than later. Check out one of the years best EPs by grabbing this stellar release.

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