Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Destroy Judas - Wake (2011)


"‎We come from a long list of different bands (Mindrot, Phobia, Eyes of Fire, Asunder, Lachrymose, Noctuary, Winterthrall, Deathevokation, Dystopia, Semtex Vest, Dead America, Crisis, etc…). We all have grown up together in OC and known each other (mostly) for a long time, and until I get something else interesting up here, this will have to do"

A super group comprised of ex-crust, sludge, and grindcore bands? If that description right there doesn't have you sold on this band maybe I'll persuade you otherwise. Out of from the ashes of said bands comes a newly formed band taking their previous works, going above and beyond what used to be, and executing it perfectly to the point that will have your jaw glued to the fucking ground. This album consists of four tracks, each track appropriately named corresponding to something dealing with the sea. The first track, Wake, is an 18 minute masterpiece consisting of sampled waves and seagulls at the beginning, slowly transitioning into a melody of death doom influences riffs. About half way through the song, the tempo changes  becomes all out instrumental, throwing in some shakers and cymbal hits that sound as if they're waves crashing down. To The Sea, the second song, starts off yet again with more sampled waves and seagulls, only this time cutting straight into the beautifully executed riffs and even throwing out some post-rock crescendos that will totally blow your fucking mind. It quickly transitions into Seek The End, a 10 minute journey of relentless instrumentals, even throwing some clean vocals to fuck with your mind. This song indicates some black metal as well as death metal influence. The album ends with Drown, an incredible outro to a wonderful album that begins with a ambient/post-rockish intro lasting a whopping 6:30 before ripping into the depressive vocals that ends with some tribal-like drum hits and heavy distortion. THERE! YOU SEE THAT? WHAT IS THAT ON THE GROUND? OH, IT'S YOUR FUCKING JAW! I KNEW that it was going to happen. Seriously though, I totally suggest you crusty fucks pick up this album. It's pretty much mandatory if you're going to browse my blog. Check out their bandcamp for a direct download.


  1. Hell Yeah this shit are so fucking amazing...very thanks ryonikis

  2. You're very much welcome. :3

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