Saturday, March 19, 2011

Expediciуn A Las Estrellas - 27 (2009)


"Expedición a las Estrellas is a conceptual band influenced by Post-rock, Ambient, Post-metal, and Hardcore mostly, the main idea of the concept of this music is duality, a balance between two opposite states of mind such as melancholy and anger.Members:Didier Garcia - Vocals Krloz V. Ramirez - Guitar / Samplers Alberto Padilla - Bass Luis Bañuelos - Drumms Martha Lucia Otero - Keyboard Fernando Lopez - Guitar Gio Zapata Pinedo (1979-2007) - Guitar"

I apologize in advance for those of you who go to extract this and realize the 11th track is missing. I looked everywhere for it and I couldn't find it at all! Sorry again. :< I first jumped into Expediciyn A Las Estrellas (lets just call them EALE for short) thinking that this was some heavily influenced screamo post-rock band but man, was I mistakened or what? Not only are these crazy guys from Mexco but they've got a lot more than simplistic crescendos and build ups with some generic screamo vocals throw in the background. I wouldn't necessarily call EALE a post-metal/atmospheric sludge/whateverthefuck band but they do definitely display very progressive metal sounding attributes along with some very ambient-esque presentation in the back. In the track Suicido Lunare, there is phenomenal 30 second chugfest that' absolutely amazing. They sample such things as waves and wind and various mother nature sounds in the background to add for a real melancholic feel to the album. What really sets the vibe for me are the pianos, violin, accordion, and tone chimes in between tracks and build ups. The lyrics are really guttural, even for most screamo bands but I think it's a nice touch to this album. Overall, I had a real laid back time listening to this band and definitely recommend this to anyone who likes the similar stuff such as Envy, Heaven In Her Arms, Amenra, and Pianos Become The Teeth.


  1. I thought Expedición a las Estrellas was from Mexico? That's what is says on their Myspace/Facebook page.
    Also, this is an outstanding album.

  2. That my friend is what we call a typo haha. Thanks for pointing that out. If you'd like, I can upload their 2008 EP too. I had a hard time finding it and it's only out on torrents.


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