Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wreck And Reference - Black Cassette (2011)


"Wreck and Reference are an experimental doom/noise band from Sacramento, California."

California isn't necessarily known for much metal besides the Bay Area with their thrash revival scene and popular grindcore outfits but I think this band would definitely be considered an exception. Sacramento natives Wreck and Reference bring a ton of originality to the doom metal scene with their 2011 release entitled Black Cassette. The unique blend of noise, doom metal, and drone makes for power packed listening experience. I wouldn't say Wreck And Reference are the boring snoozecore drone but more along the lines of noise. Just straight up noisy stuff, nothing similar to Sunn O))) or Earth though which is in turn a good thing because to replicate your band off bands like that are just silly. There are some very minuscule vocals that don't ruin the album at all. There are some bleepy and bloopy samples and synthesizers to add for a real impending DOOOOOOOOOOM vibe! The recording is pretty much lo-fi sounding which make all for an overall better listening experience. I tried listening to this album through speakers and it just wasn't cutting it for me so I highly recommend putting on a pair of headphones and giving these bad boys a try. Be sure to check out there bandcamp here.

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