Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Broken Oath - Given Half A Chance (2007)


"Broken Oath formed in Glasgow/Scotland (UK) in 2001, after several minor lineup changes their first demo was self released. Limited to 300 copies this sold out fast!More lineup changes followed as well as extensive touring of the UK. The now settled lineup released a split CD (What lies ahead) with Peterborough band Eviscerate AD. The release of this CD on Unity Worldwide Recordings saw the band hit mainland Europe for the first time.The band was asked by Rucktion Records to record a new CD. Blood Cleanse the Streets was the result. This CD, accompanied by wider European distribution saw Broken Oath reaching out to many new fans. A European tour with Bristol band Burning Skies followed. Appearances at both Filled With Hate Fest 2006 and BFLBU fest 2006 capped a successful period in the band’s history. Unfortunately Broken Oath split up in 2008."

Broken Oath are a metalcore band hailing from Glasgow/Scotland. BO don't seem to cut corners and pretty much give you that straight forward non-bullshit hardcore that we all know and love. When you first listen to this album you'll notice that their style of hardcore is a bit different. They play a much more aggressive style, their breakdowns tend to be long and drawn out, and the vocals tend to be very guttural. This is also known as beatdown. As the name hints, it's pretty much the hardest version of hardcore which would essentially be "music you would beatdown people to". For some reason this style of hardcore seems to be pretty popular in UK and Australia for some reason. Those who are looking to get into beatdown should definitely check out Brutality Will Prevail. I don't listen to much of it but they're probably my favorite band to come from it. With that being said, if you like them then you'll have no problem liking Broken Oath too.

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