Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Taste Of Silver - Narcimalion (2007)


"The Taste of Silver was formed in January of 2004 after the breakup of guitarist Faust Agin Eddie’s prior short-lived Boston-based arena rock band Motion Sickness. The band began with Eddie and Alex Carrara of Devil In The Kitchen. Shortly thereafter, vocalist Rowan Curran joined the group, originally intending to play bass but moving instantly to vocals citing a lack of any instrument proficiency. All three had known each other from a mixture of friends while attending Arlington High School in Arlington, MA.TTOS intended sound was to be similar to a mix of Maryland’s Swarm of the Lotus and Oakland’s Dystopia, but rapidly moved on to borrow from such 90’s angular-hardcore artists as Reversal of Man and Saetia, and more technical math-core bands like Botch. Extensive touring and premature recordings led to the band quickly gathering much notoriety, and soon would influence a style of grind mixed with melody that some would refer to as “melodigrind”.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAH! My first reaction when listening to this band indeedy. I was very skeptical at first judging from the tags on when first listening to this band. That goes to show you; never judge a band by it's labels. The Taste Of Silver play a unique blend of screamo and grindcore. When the vocals change from growling to screaming and back again, I will GUARENTEE that goosebumps will be running down your spine. It's not everyday you hear that in a screamo band which almost makes me believe that they're style of vocals are almost similar to I don't know... say Dystopia with all the voice cracking/screaming/growling. The distortion is set rather low and the blast beats are going off everywhere. There aren't a whole lot of mathy riffs but when they do kick in, man, are they something else. Hell, they've even thrown in an intro, an interlude, AND an outro. I can't stand La Dispute's spoken word because it's all nerdy sounding and shit but The Taste Of Silver do it just right. They even throw in some acoustics too! This album was definitely put me through a whirlwind of emotions. One minute everything is fine and dandy and the next the vocals just kick in and throw every single emotion at you. I wish these guys would of stuck around longer!!! They had so much potential but they decided to call it quits... Well, in any case, we can still enjoy what they have put out!

I was looking around for a video to put up and I noticed they opened for Parkway Drive. I was just like really..? That's fucking lame. These guys deserve a lot more credit than that shitty fucking wannabe metalcore band. Fuck that noise. Parkway Drive gobbles cock.


  1. I'm sorry dude i really love your blog and check it out here and there. After reading this review i was really stoked to check out this band. After listening, I'm not sure if one could really relate this band to dystopia or sea of deprivation at all! The only thing that came to mind for me when listening to the song was circle takes the square/tntlly. I dont know though because i havent listened to the whole album yet. do you have a download link because i couldnt find one/ didnt really try too hard to find one. Thanks for the great reviews though! Keep up the good work!

  2. I don't think the lyrical content nor the style of music is similar to those bands but the way the vocals transitioned from growling to screaming/voice cracking is what it reminded me off. I guess I didn't really specify that in my review. I'm sorry you were disappointed man. I'll be sure to change that so others don't see think the same. The download link is right under the album cover.


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