Thursday, March 24, 2011

2nd St. Rag Stompers - Camping On Low Or No Dollars (2009)


"Hometown:Oklahoma City,OklahomaPlayers: Jason Lawrence David Parada Alyssa Rae Hans “Big Trash” Influences:Blind Boy Fuller, Blind Willie Mctell, Skip James, Mississippi John Hurt, Dave van Ronk, Eddie Peabody, Old cartoons, Street Musicians of all types, many many more…“2nd St. Rag Stompers are not to be missed. A bunch of dirty train-hopping cats from Oklahoma City playing banjo, washboards and washtub bass.”- Seth Combs San Diego City BeatOther Projects Jason is involved in are the Blair St Mugwumps & Pass the Jug!Hans, Alyssa, and David started Broken/Half"

Oklahoma's finest ragtime band ever! 2nd St. Rag Stompers go back to the old tymey roots of predated jazz and capture the essence of what ragtime is really about. With tracks such as "Moonshiner", "Ragpickin", and "Trains And Cops", this band will have you bumping up and down to the rhythm of the jug instruments. I can totally see these guys busking randomly on the street in the middle of a hot summer day and having the time of their lives. The deeper I dig into these bands and bands similar the more I start to have respect for these kinds of bands. I mean it's not everyday you go to hear a modern revival ragtime band who are actually playing GOOD music! For fans of folk music and anything old school definitely pick this album up. I promise it won't disappoint! 

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  1. I know some of these cats, I can get my hands on Broken/Half soon. I'll send you an email with a link to get it shortly


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