Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Deafheaven - Roads To Judah (2011)


"San Francisco, CA."

Before my case gets jumped, this IS the mastered version and I have taken down the old page.

After a few discretions, I present to you Deafheaven's full-length album Roads To Judah. Alright so let me break this down for you guys since the description is shit. Deafheaven are an experimental black metal band hailing from San Fransisco, CA and are currently signed to Deathwish INC. Last year, they released a demo that was really displayed their musical talents and won of the hearts of the hardcore fans who were skeptical at first to see a black metal bang signed to their favorite record label. People like to throw the silly label "post black-metal" and shit around but if I had to give to a band these would be the guys. They combine very emotional atmospheric black metal with very progressive instrumentals. When listening to this album it's as if you're on a whole different world. The calming sweeps of the guitar riffs will have your heart melting as it warms up to the distortion of the rest of music. The vocals are your typical black metal ones, growled and shrieked, but aren't harsh enough as to where they're going to turn you off. I really enjoyed Deafheaven's demo and I think this is a wonderful follow up. Anyone looking for experimental black metal such as Skagos, Woe, and Fell Voices who want to dip into it deeper should pick this up. 


  1. Any time. If you're interested in hearing the unmastered version let me know. I have that uploaded to my mediafire account as well.


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