Monday, March 7, 2011

Dirty Revolution - Before The Fire (2010)


"Dirty Revolution play a fierce brand of roots rock that goes beyond the standard “ska/punk” definitions. The Cardiff based 4 piece have been bringing their own unique sound-clash to UK venues tirelessly for the last two years. After releasing “It’s gonna get Dirty” on Do The Dog records they recorded their debut album “Before The Fire” with Peter Miles (King Blues, SB6, Random hand, The Skints) which is soon to be released by the rising underground label Rebel Alliance Records."

Dirty Revolution INSTANTLY had me hooked on their music with the first track, Where Are The Police?, dedicated to the absence of police authority where it NEEDS to be put to use. Another track I really liked was the one after it, I Love Reggae. The song pretty much tells the connection between reggae and skinhead reggae and how roots reggae fans should not sympathize for skinhead reggae fans, especially fans of Skrewdriver. What surprises me this band the most is how political this band is. It's not everyday a ska punk focuses on more political views rather than promoting the ska scene. Other tracks include lyrical content that includes things such as religion, the ever changing and expansion of this world, and authoritarian figures. There's lots and lots of dub and reggae thrown in here with a nice blend of ska punk. They also incorporate a lot of different uses of the melodica which sounds wonderful. Fans of ska punk looking for some new material with a bit of an edge would get a kick out of this.

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