Sunday, March 13, 2011

Light Bearer - Lapsus (2011)


"Light bearer formed in 2010, from the ashes of UK post metal and hardcore bands Fall of Efrafa and Dungeons. The band is an all encompassing art/music/narrative project, based around a story written by their vocalist Alex, who drew influence from the writings of Philip Pullman’s “His dark materials” trilogy, John Milton’s Paradise Lost, and the Book of Genesis.The band play a mixture of melodic post hardcore, progressive metal, post rock and ambient atmospheric drone, The songs are structured specifically to follow the narrative and therefore peak and trough in equal measure, mixing screamed desperate vocals with sung passages.The story is split into four main parts, Lapsus, Silver Tongue, Magisterium and finally Lattermost Sword. The narrative begins with the metaphorical casting out of the protagonist Lucifer, an angel so loyal and in love with god that he could not submit when asked to bow before humanity, personified as Adam. For this act he is banished from heaven into the cold stigeon wastes below. Here he questions the Allfather – an entity who claimed the universe as his own. In doing so he realises his master has lied, and vows to reach out from his desolate prison and become his namesake – to pass on the torch of free will to all life in the multiple universes.The story continues in Silver Tongue, Magisterium and Lattermost Sword in which the torch is borne by the metaphorical Eve – the mitochondrial ancestor of humanity, her rejection of the will of the false god and the attempted rebellion against Heaven, her role and the role of the prophesied second Eve. The establishment of the church and the eventual culmination and war against the patriarchal god.Alongside the four releases are planned EPs and split records, beginning with “Beyond the infinite, the assembly of god” – an elaboration of the introduction to the first album. A second narrative runs through records not included in the four main parts, which deals with the natural formation of the universe and the evolution of life."

Out from the ashes of Fall Of Efrafa and Dungeons, Light Bearer seeks forth to shed light on the sludge/post-rock scene with their debut album entitled Lapsus. Being no strangers to this style of music, Fall Of Efrafa being a neocrust band and Dungeons playing hardcore, this band combines the best of both worlds to create one emotional, power packed album full of goodness. The rich melancholic build ups intertwined with hard as nails vocals is what really sets Light Bearer apart from most sludge bands. Sure, Eyehategod may capture the essence of "sludgecore" but Light Bearer does the same--but in an atmospheric way with their constant gradual change in strong structure. I admit, there isn't much to this album vocal-wise but it Light Bearer makes up with their instrumental crescendos and heavy riffs. I would best compare Light Bearer to bands such as Amenra, Vestiges, Humanfly. Luckily us, Lapsus is the first album in a four-part installment with the other albums being Silver Tongue, Magisterium, and Lattermost Sword. Light Bearer are quickly gaining a strong following with their previous band backgrounds and strong support in the sludge scene. I'm going to have to admit; these guys are probably going to be the face of sludge to come so get used to them. I can't wait for what else they've got in store. It just makes me excited thinking about that they've pretty much promised us at least three more albums. Well, whatever you do guys just keep doing what you're doing and be sure to keep this same sound because it's fucking incredible. Support the band over at Halo Of Flies records buy purchasing some merch right here.


  1. Thanx thanx thanx from Argentina.

  2. this is the shit! been waiting for this. will reblog this man,

  3. Definitely one of my favorite releases so far. Be sure to comment them on their facebook's page!

  4. perhaps post places where to buy this record?

    the band very strongly believes in the whole package and from a DIY label standpoint, if people really like something, and allegedly support it, then they should put their money where their mouth is.

  5. Indeed! I'll be throwing up a link right now.

  6. F*** This is excelllllllllllllllent


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