Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gasp - An Earwig's Guide To Travelling (2005)


"Gasp was a power violence/sludge band from southern California, active from 1996 to 1999.Gasp are known for using elements of grindcore, psych, ambient noise, tape manipulations and down-tuned sludge/doom in their music, which resulted in them being called the only “Psychedelic Power Violence” band of all time. Ever the since the band’s demise, ex-members have played in various projects, ranging from acid techno to doom metal."

I first started listening to Gasp about a month or two ago when I was checking around for new bands. I found some related powerviolence bands that had sludge influences so I was in the mood for it. I downloaded Gasp and their first track really put me to sleep. It was very ambient-like and noticing the tags on this band I was like NO WAY THIS IS A POWERVIOLENCE BAND and instantly shut it off. I was not pleased. I decided to give it yet another go and see if I can get past the ambient parts, and I did. What I got out of this album was something unlike anything I've ever heard of. Yeah, I'm listened to doom metal influences powerviolence and what not but Gasp takes the cake. Comprised of members with a vast array of backgrounds, Gasp captures the experimental vibe all in one. The down-tuned guitars and noisy every thing else gives this album a real unique psychedelic vibe to it. The album DOES pick on later on, about half way through so be sure to give to give it a full listen instead of instantly dismissing it like I foolishly did. This is an incomplete discography so be sure to get the rest of their material!

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