Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gattaca / Clamant - Split (2010)

On this wonderful 2010 split we have two bands: Gattaca, a female fronted crust band with hints very melodic sounding riff from Czech Republic and Clamant, a spectacular screamo band from Mexico. There are seven tracks on this split, the first three being Clamant and the last four being Gattaca. I have no clue how a band from Mexico and a band from Czech got together and put out a split but whatever happened it worked and it kicks major ass! Clamant starts out the split with their "real" screamo tendencies. Honestly, I fucking love Clamant's side a lot more than Gattaca's. Not to mention this is coming from a person who enjoys crust over screamo anyday. Sure, Gattaca's side may be filled with melodic-charge crust with some kick ass female vocals but Clamant brings a really awesome emotional sound to the table that can't be unmatched. Seriously, just listen to the second track. The way the spoken word comes into play and the vocalist's voice cracks just runs goosebumps down my spine. It's just really emotional. I can't describe it. Gattaca aren't necessarily neocrust but they do have a nice melodic undertone like their fellow friends Clamant. With the build ups in their songs, this will band will have you on edge waiting for more. Overall, it's one emotional album that'll be digging around your head trying to answer those unfinished questions.


  1. gattaca's members' other band:

  2. - Flowers For Whores & Gattaca -Split 7inch (Damage Done Records, 2011).rar


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