Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ghostlimb - Infrastructure (2011)

From last.fm:

"Ridiculously pissed hardcore with elements of melody, thrash, and general poor disposition, ghostlimb compile all the rage a minute long song can handle with sprinklings of social critique and dissatisfied sarcasm. This 11-song record clocks in under 15 minutes and is riddled with succinct aesthetics of the fast, heavy, and tolerably informed. 3 piece, mad. Rad."

After 3 years and extensive touring, Ghostlimb have FINALLY put out a new release entitled Infrastructure. Ghostlimb took a totally different approach when making this album. If you're familiar with their earlier work you'll know that it's most resemblant to bands like Dangers, Comadre, and Glasses. As for this album, they've seem to have taken a more melodic approach, throwing a bit of d-beat in there which is pretty cool because that's not something you see everyday in most modern hardcore bands. The riffs are rather thrashy, (like all modern hardcore bands nowadays) aggressive, and almost stoner metalish sounding at times. I don't know about you but I'm seeing that to be a trend now. I was talking with a friend of mine and he was saying how most modern hardcore bands were more metal if they were anything. I kind of agreed but then again I disagreed because bands like Ghostlimb have all the elements of a hardcore band, they're renowned in the hardcore scene, and they're signed Vitriol Records, a record label notoriously known for putting out hardcore bands similar in sound to Ghostlimb. But anyways, whether they're "true hardcore" or not they're still a great band nonetheless and I highly advice people fans of Cursed, The Swarm, Trainwreck, and Graf Orlock (Ghostlimb is essential Graf Orlock without the lead singer) to pick this up. One of the better hardcore releases this year!

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