Sunday, March 27, 2011

Apples To Apples - Self Titled (2010)


"Apples To Apples are a primarily female fronted folk punk band from California signed to Wylscot Records."

I give a big thanks to my pal Bethany for showing me these guys! She hooked me up with a song by this band and showed me the distro that they're signed, Wylscot Records which can be found here. Apples To Apples are a female fronted (almost) duo folk punk band. Some songs tend to be very lo-fi and some are really fucking loud haha. If you can get past that fact then this band will definitely grow on you. When I think of the phrase "melts your heart" I truly think of Apples To Apples. The female's vocals really melt my heart... I can totally feel my heart just gradually turning to mush and my eyes just rolling up in my skull thinking about how beautiful her and her voice are. :3 I bet she's like the CUTEST girl in the ENTIRE world who is a total nerd. Maybe one of those types that is a total punk rock chick (loves Charles Bronson, Johnny Hobo, and Minor Threat) but is incredibly too cool for you and has an awesome way of dressing. She just sits around all day eating dumpstered pizza and Magic The Gathering cards passed down by her older brother, who also indulged in the punk scene when he was younger. LETS TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD JUST YOOOOOU AND MEEEEEE PUNK ROCK GIRL!! Yeah... I must be day dreaming. Haha. I never find myself relating to cutesy folk punk but I am totally down with Apples To Apples. ALRIGHT, I'M GOING BACK TO DAY DREAMING. FUCK YOU GUYS! Oh and be sure to support this band and the distro they're signed to at the link I provided earlier on!!!

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