Thursday, March 3, 2011

Malachi - Self Titled (2008)


"An atmospheric cello driven doom crust band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin whose members past/present bands include Artimus Pyle, What Happens Next?, High on Crime, Living Under Lies and quite a few more. (Band’s Myspace:"

YES! Every time I discover yet another atmospheric sludge band tainted with the fowl influence of crust I jump for joy because these bands are rare to come by. If I had to compare Malachi to any other band I'd say it's Agrimonia. But there's a twist behind Malachi... yep! Can you say fucking CHELLO?!?! Behold; there is a chello. The sweet sweet melodic sound produced by this beautiful instrument is enough to lure a fellow such as myself into this music. The interchanging female and male vocals is also a nice little twist to it all. Malachi really emphasizes on the atmospheric part with constant chugs and little known presence of actual vocals. Fans of anything crust and sludge related would get a kick out of this band. Prepare for 38 minutes of pure orgasm...

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